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Shop Titans Launches on Apple and Android Devices

Shop Titans Launch

Shop Titans is a new medieval-inspired simulation RPG, hitting mobile devices from Kabam today. Players take on the role of new craftsmen in town, where Heroes and Champions are in need of gear to fight against monsters. The goal is to build a fabulous shop and craft epic gear, and players will build up their store through crafting, buying, decorating, selling and trading their gear to the highest bidder. Players can also team up with other merchants, such as the Blacksmith, Tailor, Priestess and more to make sure their business prospers. Through sending parties on epic quests and battles, the shop keeper will build wealth and success.

“With Shop Titans, we are taking the invest and express genre to the next level. The combination of Kabam’s immeasurable level of mobile and free-to-play publishing experience and our development team’s leadership in shop simulation games, Shop Titans is building up to be the perfect storm,” said Mathieu Rouleau, Executive Producer of Shop Titans.

Shop Titans Features:

·         Exciting daily and weekly events.

·         Customize everything! Complete avatar customization by choosing different types of clothing, hairstyles, eye-color, and more to show off your personal style.

·         Optimize the shopping experience for Heroes by designing the layout of the store in order to attract as many customers as possible.

·         Recruit unique Heroes ranging from warriors, wizards, dwarves… even ninjas…and customize each Hero with powerful equipment that you craft, quest or trade for.

·         Team up with friends to build a prosperous town, and powerful guilds with players around the world.

·         Battle bosses with your collection of Heroes and Champions – conquer mysterious dungeons to acquire rare loot to equip and sell to Heroes.

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