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Ship of Heroes News – Built Using Unreal Engine 4

Ship of Heroes News

Heroic Games today revealed that they are using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to power the early development of Ship of Heroes. This technology is allowing them to demonstrate fully integrated game elements before the game’s Kickstarter goes live on April 4.

With just a year of development, Ship of Heroes has followed its original timeline and met its milestones each step of the way.  In the interest of complete transparency, they have shared key elements such as game world lore, a video tour of the base level Apotheosis City, a video overview of the ship, a video demo of the Character Creator, the User Interface, background and development for key NPCs, and then a powers/combat demo, all shown in game in Unreal Engine 4.  Each new update fits with the lore and contains the previous elements, all building toward a playable Alpha.

Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, stated:

The critical thing about early stage MMO development is that every component that gets developed needs to be fully integrated with all of the previous elements in order to demonstrate real progress. . . The secret of our unprecedented progress has been the application of project management principles, use of the best development platform available with Unreal Engine 4, and a dedication to making every element reveal the larger game.

The Ship of Heroes Kickstarter begins April 4th, 2017.  A series of increasingly complex Alpha tests will also be conducted in late 2017 and early 2018.  Participants for the Alpha tests will also be drawn from the donors to the Kickstarter.  Beta release is currently anticipated for late 2018, through crowdfunding can impact the schedule. To get the latest news on Ship of Heroes and their imminent Kickstarter campaign, register for the forums on

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