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Shikihime Garden: Limited Edition Card Released

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Shikihime Garden

Appirits, the Japanese game developer and publisher has recently announced a Limited Edition of the extremely rare Shikihime card: Kurakakemiya for their hybrid browser-based casual game of card & simulation Shikihime Garden on April 1st 2014.

At the present, there are 7 races of Shikihime (female units) that players can summon by using Power (charged points) or combining from other normal cards through Unity feature. Lately a Limited Edition of the extremely rare Shikihime card named Kurakakemiya has been added to the Shikihime roster. This card is taken from the well-known tale of nine-tail fox in Japanese folk tales. Wearing an attractive Japanese costume with a super cute bell around her neck, Kurakakemiya Limited Edition surely brings a new spirit to players’ current garden. Though her initial stats are slightly lower than normal Kurakakemiya, her summon rate using Gold Summon is much higher.

Appirits also emphasized that the limited edition will be available for Gold Summon only for 1 week after its release. And players who successfully summon Kurakakemiya Limited Edition for the first time will be rewarded one special gift to decorate their garden. Her image and stats can be found at the release’s announcement:

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