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Shards of Infinity Deckbuilding Game Coming to PC and Mobile

Shards of Infinity News Screenshot

Designed originally by Justin Gary and Gary Arant, Shards of Infinity is the follow-up to their award-winning deckbuilder, Ascension. Offering an unprecedented level of strategy and customization, Stone Blade Entertainment is well known for their innovation in the board game/strategy scene. Temple Gates Games will be collaborating with them to bring Shards of Infinity to iOS, Android, as well as Steam in Spring 2019. The digital version will release for 7.99 across all platforms and will have local pass-and-play, asynchronous multiplayer, and challenging AI opponents. The AI will also grow stronger to keep up with more advanced Shards of Infinity players, using their neural network technology. Shards of Infinity will also introduce the Mastery mechanic, giving players multiple paths to victory in a quick, cutthroat game that is sure to leave players saying “Just one more game.”

“At Temple Gates Games we have a long history of success working with board game publishers. We specialize in digitizing card games including Ascension, making it the first deckbuilding game to take place in virtual reality. Our attention to detail and background in digital gaming makes us an ideal partner to develop Shards of Infinity for a digital audience.”

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