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Shaiya Expansion Pack The Relic of Mystra Released

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Aeria Games has an action packed PvP oriented free MMORPG called Shaiya. It was one of their earlier titles and has survived while many newer games have come and gone. This week a new patch called The Relic of Mystra has been introduced which adds a bunch of new content. We’ve received word of the update thanks to an official newsletter.

Among the major changes are an increase in the level cap to 70, all new weapons, armor, and over 150 expanded skills, and the new invasion system. Invasion is a new PvP system where players can control entire PvP or PvE zones. Read more in the newsletter below or check out our Shaiya page for more details on the game.

Full Release:

A New Level Cap of 70!

Mystra beckons the worthy, with many new mysteries and threats yet to come; meet the challenge by expanding your current level above and beyond the previous limitations! Explore Shaiya’s largest content expansion ever, only those worthy of the Goddess can hope to dispel the mysterious new threat to Gaia.

All New Weapons, Armor and Over 150+ Expanded Skills

With new monsters to slay and new areas to explore, the necessity for upgraded gear is fulfilled with over 100 new pieces of gear, spanning all classes across both factions! Whole new sets for levels 61+ are now available throughout the world.

Intense New PvP Action

The new invasion system allows players to control entire PVP/PVE maps, adding a brand new dynamic mechanic to Shaiya’s existing PVP action. Dominate, control and challenge the opposing faction in the never-ending struggle for dominance of Gaia.

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