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Shadowbound launches S1 in GameDP

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Ray Meida Group Limited is proud to announced that Shadowbound will be launching it’s very first server Herondale (SEA), on Nov.14th,2014 at 10:00am GMT+8.

Shadowbound is a new browser-based MMORPG behind well-known browser games such as Monkey King Online and Zombies Ate My Pizza. It is a F2P MMO that features refined classic MMORPG systems mixed with fresh takes on fighting and skills that create a truly unique online game experience. It features tight combat mechanics; tough puzzle based dungeons, as well as a complex formation system for deploying your party. There are also systems that let you try certain content early, to help you build your character exactly the way you want to.


  1. Puzzle Dungeons: Take on tile-based challenges with multiple paths to victory.
  2. Companions: Form a team of NPC allies, level them up, and equip them for battle.
  3. Team Combat: Deploy your party strategically to counter your foes.
  4. War plots, Arenas, and Battlegrounds: Fight in huge customizable 40v40 fights, ranked team-based arenas, or just mash it up with random players and opponents.
  5. Community: Join or create a guild and take part in epic PvP action.

Now is the time for you to take your place among champions, rise up and reign! Like many other game publishers, Ray Media Group limited has also prepared in-game events to celebrate the first server launch. Please keep checking the forum and website for all the latest Shadowbound news and updates in Gamedp.

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