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Servo: New War Marchine RTS Game Coming Soon

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From the minds behind some of the most iconic PC games in the last two decades comes an incredible new title: Servo, a real-time strategy game that marries the persistent progression of gathering and equipping scavenged loot with intense RTS gameplay. Created by ex-Ensemble Studios developers at Allen, TX-based independent studio BonusXP and published by Stardock, Servo is now available for pre-order at for $19.99. Servo will enter Early Access in the coming months before its release later in 2015 and is being demoed at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in booth 2655.

Servo puts players in command of a team of far-future mercenaries who pilot their immensely powerful giant war machines, called Servos, in dangerous missions to profit from the deadly but valuable Bloom that consumed Old Earth centuries ago. Though humanity fled the doomed Earth decades ago, the way home has recently reopened – and the mysteries lying dormant in Old Earth’s ruins will change humanity’s fate once again.

All of Servo’s modes demand players master the economic, tactical, and strategic layers that make up the backbone of deeply involved real-time strategy gameplay. Capture Bloom sources to power global upgrades and Servo-supporting drone armies in order to win competitive player-versus-player games. Survive wave upon wave of terrible Bloomspawn attacks through skillful coordination with friends in co-op battles. Unravel the mysteries of Old Earth by overcoming the unique challenges in each of the 25 story-based missions.

Win or lose, every battle unlocks new parts to equip onto your Servos. Void Beams, Hydra Launchers, Nemodium Blades, and much more can be slotted into the dozen-plus slots on each Servo. Designing a team of Servos that works well together to execute your strategies – and can react to the new challenges each match brings – is as important as building up an economy or landing a perfect rocket swarm.

The team behind Servo includes longtime Ensemble Studios and Age of Empires veteran Dave Pottinger and respected strategy mind Bruce Shelley, whose design credits include Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, and Age of Empires.

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