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See Through The Eyes of Tzenkethi with Star Trek Online Season 14.5

STO 14.5 Update

Starting today, Star Trek Online players on PC can explore Season 14.5, the epilogue to the Tzenkethi War. It introduces a brand new featured episode and secondary specialization. The mid-season update will grant Captains access to “The Renegade’s Regret”, which is a new episode centered around Tzenkethi Captain Neth Parr, who recently sought political asylum on Deep Space Nine after betraying her kind to help the Alliance. LeVar Burton returns again as Captain Geordi La Forge as well as introduces a new style of gameplay that lets Captains play as Neth Parr and experience the brutal Tzenkethi Crusade from her perspective.¬†Players will also discover the Constable Specialization, a new addition to the Captain Specialization System, dedicated to the universe’s peacekeepers (Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).

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