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Second Book of Realm of Noria Series, The Life Comes To Kindle Unlimited

The Life LitRPG Paul Kite Banner

New Gamelit series by the Russian LitRPG author Paul Kite.

For those who hunt the best gems of the LitRPG genre. An impossible to miss new explosive release sure to catch the eye of all the fans of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon!

You’re a slave an an assassin on a short leash. You need to complete the last task to break the shackles. Freedom’s so close and so far at the same time. If only you knew what consequences would wait for you ahead…

Realm of Noria: The Birth, Book 1:

The Birth LitRPG Cover

Realm of Noria: The Life, Book 2, is released!

The Life Paul Kite LitRPG Cover

Free in Kindle Unlimited, or $2.99 USD each.

Welcome to Noria!

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