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Scrimmage in the Wild Microvolts West

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MicroVolts has released a new update, Scrimmage in the Wild West.

The update, themed around the 19th century “American West,” releases a new map called Wild West. It also introduces a new “Scrimmage” player mode, where players can practice and hone their skills without affecting their kill/death ratio.

Players can also find a new costume set for C.H.I.P. in the Capsule Machine, a new ensemble for Pandora, and new accessories and weapons.

April will host new events, including Double Micro Points and Double Experience days, the GMs vs. The World Tournament, and Sniper-Only and MicroGun-Only tournaments.

MicroVolts is published by Rock Hippo, which also publishes Brawl Busters.

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Today’s Update Features An All-New Wild West Map, New Player Mode, Costumes And A Variety Of In-Game Events

Markham, Canada – March 29, 2012 – Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of its latest update, Scrimmage in the Wild West, for its cartoon style third-person shooter, MicroVolts. The latest update takes players back to the 19th century American West with a brand new map, “Wild West.” But gun-slinging and cowboys aren’t all .. the new update also features a brand-new player mode, new costume sets and a host of exciting in-game events complete with prizes. Players can check out the latest screen shots and new update at

Cowboys on horseback will be the least of players’ worries as toys battle it out for Micro World supremacy on a brand new frontier! The new “Wild West” map will challenge players as they fight off every two-bit predator in their path. In addition to the new Wild West map, players can also perfect their MicroVolter skills with the latest player mode. Players can use the new mode to try out strategies and fine-tune their MicroVolting skills without affecting their kill/death ratio in “Scrimmage” mode.

What’s more, a new costume set in the Capsule Machine for popular character C.H.I.P. is now available and will have music enthusiasts clamoring for an encore! Players can view the latest screen shots for a peek at MicroVolts’ tribute to the late musical legend “Jimi.” Players can also look forward to a new ensemble for Pandora, new accessories and new weapons.

To kick off the update, the MicroVolts team has put together a slew of exciting events for April. Players can capitalize on Double Micro Points or Double Experience days, challenge the MicroVolts’ GMs in the next “GMs vs. The World Tournament,” or show of their expertise in the Sniper-Only and MicroGun-Only Tournaments. MicroVolters can expect awesome prizes for each event including a chance at grabbing some of the newly released items that are part of the new update.

To view the latest screen shots or to download the game for free, visit .

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