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Rusty Hearts announces Requiem

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Perfect World Entertainment has announced its next major update for Rusty Hearts, Requiem.

Requiem will introduce new storylines and lore as the game expands and raises the level cap. The update will introduce a new Hub World, the Training Camp,a new raid dungeon (an instance designed for 8 players) called The Altar, four new dungeons (Opera House, Catwalks, Gallery, and Ramparts), new enemies, over 200 new skills, and dozens of new weapons.

Perfect World also publishes Jade Dynasty and Forsaken World.

Rusty Hearts: Requiem Screenshots


Highlights from Requiem

-Natasha makes her first appearance in Rusty Hearts lore and becomes an integral part of the team

-Fluffy wreaks havoc in his monstrous return after a brief glimpse in the prologue/tutorial

-Frantz search for his lost love Amelia heats up

-Gerald continues his twisted and demented ways as he creates an alliance with Cipher to acquire more power

-The Golden Seal team investigates the Opera House in an effort to locate the enigmatic power source brining all the marionettes to life.

-The team’s investigation brings them to uncharted depths of the theater where they encounter one of the biggest enemies ever seen.

New Features

New Cash Shop Character– Wrap your hands around the sexy, yet deadly, Roselle Vergerius
New Level Cap- Continue the fight as you reach new heights and level higher than ever before

New Items- Scores of new items to use for crafting, forging and progression
New Hub World- Explorer the lush forest-like Training Camp and gain access to dungeons, skill masters and townspeople

Raid Dungeon- All new dungeon mode where you and 7 friends (8 players total) can create an “Expedition” and attempt to rise to the top on an all new dungeon. Thwart onslaught of enemies while you navigate the multi-tiered dungeon.
The Altar– The Altar of Margoras is viral cesspool of dark energy created by the Gatekeeper of chaos and destruction. Face enemies from all dungeons as they plot against you in mass. Hordes of enemies will overwhelm you in an exercise of attrition. Build up your “Expedition” as you’ll need all the help you can get.

New Dungeons- Four new and rich dungeons
Opera House- Robust acoustics, perfect sound insulation and throngs of minions, the Opera House is the first dungeon available as you enter the Training Camp and it’ll having you screaming in falsetto. Welcome to Cirque De La Mort, or Circus of Death. The clowns, marionettes and vocalists residing in this abandoned Opera House are no laughing matter. Fight your way through a variety of new foes and encounter the graceful thespian boss, Baron.
Catwalks- Think you’re too sexy for Catwalks? Think again! The Golden Seal team will have to navigate their way through the dangerous wing of the Opera House and encounter Nobleman, Knights, Bishops and more. Don’t think just because you’re traversing the catwalks that you’ll be stuck in the rafters; rumor has it there is a secret underground lair filled with mysterious and gargantuan monsters.
Gallery- As a haven for art connoisseurs the gallery is known for immaculate and awe inspiring masterpieces. Unfortunately you’ll find more than just impressionism, pointillism or cubism in this gallery… Watch out for Eel-lusionists, Templars, Prankers and the egomaniacal dungeon boss, Joker, as you get a massive dose of surrealism.
Ramparts- As a heavily fortified embankment this stone fort stands between you and the fire-breathing bull, Chimera. One does not simply walk in to Ramparts; you will need to brawl your way in to the castle’s stone defenses to defeat Gargoyles, Lion Statues, Grave Keepers and Fallen Wizards.

New Enemies- New dungeons bring some of the most unique enemies since the early release of Rusty Hearts. Each new dungeon contains a never-before-seen set of monsters as well as massive dungeon specific bosses

Devastating New Skills- Over 200 new and upgraded skills to master from levels 39-45 including:

Frantz and Roselle-
Dark Wave, Genocide, and Curse of Blood
Angela- Blade of Fury, Fire Field, and Wall of Fire
Tude and Meilin- Effect Immunity, Wolf Spirit, and Shadow Wolf
Natasha- Rain of Lead, Shrapnel Cyclone, and Escape Blast
New Weapons- Dozens of savage new weapons including new drops from the Alter Raid dungeon
Frantz/Roselle- Courageous Anathema and Wild Bone Cracker
Angela- Bewitching Eradicator and Vigorous Fracture
Tude/Meilin- Assault Splitter and Elvish Destroyer
Natasha- Elvish Lightning and Vile Thunder

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