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RuneScape Unveils Botany Bay

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Jagex has released their largest anti-bot release today, teasingly titled Botany Bay.  Since 2011, the company has taken large strides to eliminate the botting practice from their game, where players use illegal third party programs in order to give themselves an advantage with skill building.

From this point, players caught botting will receive two warnings to stop, with the third resulting in a permanent ban from the RuneScape servers.  Each warning also changes the player’s avatar to let others know they were caught botting.  The final warning will transfer them to a new area, dubbed Botany Bay, to await final judgement from the community.  These trials let the community decide on the ultimate fate of the avatar, be it squashed by a dragon, or incinerated by the gods.

Jagex also publishes War of Legends.

RuneScape “Botany Bay” Gameplay Screenshot

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