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Runes of Magic updates with Fall of the Demon Lord

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Runes of Magic has updated its servers today with a new patch. This patch introduces a new 12 man raid, the Demon Stronghold, which pits players against a Demon Lord and its henchmen.

Also introduced in the patch is the fourth part of the Epic Quest, known as the “Great Barrier.” A new public encounter area near Aotulia Volcano, called Bloodbath Valley, will pit groups of players against waves of Naga and their allies in a bloody battle. Elves have had their level 45 and 50 elite skills added into the game, and various other fixes, including adjustments to the crafting system, have been made.

The update also begins the Flower Festival, Tagoria’s own version of Valentine’s Day with events and rewards for everyone.

Screenshots of new Patch Content:

The Patch Notes:


New Content

* Naga Acropolis Demon Stronghold
* Elven Elite Skill 45, 50 (LV)
* Class Balancing: Knight
* Crafting Stystem adjustments
* Epic Quest Pt. IV: “Great Barrier”
* Ancient Treasure
* New Public Encounter: “Bloodbath Valley”
* Start of the Flower Festival
* Addition to the Guild interface: A “Weekly Resources Report” has been added, listing the players’ contributions to the guild.


* New Quest added: “Green Leaf Dew” hint text. When the player accepts this quest, there will be an option for him to select in the dialog which will explain how the Green Leaf Dew can be obtained. This dialog option will only disappear once the player has finished the quest.
* Green Leaf Dew for the planting craftsman quest. Planting level has been increased to 40.
* Blue armor items now drop in all instances.
* In the light of adventurers encountering difficulties in completing their quests due to insufficient supplies, the allied commander has ordered a scouting party to assist adventurers with supplies at the Aotukia Volcano zone.
* Lieutenant Diloss has dispatched a group of special scouts dressed as Zurhidion members to infilrate the Naga Acropolis. Besides collecting information, they are also responsible for helping our allies bypass the stringent security and infilrate the Naga Acropolis and prepare supplies for our people.
* 29 new titles (level 1-3) have been added to Elven Island, Weeping Coast, Savage Plains, Aotulia Volcano etc.

Class changes and adjustments


* Knight ability “Puishment”: The target needs to be under the influence of only one seal (instead of 3). In return part of the damage is now calculated against the target’s Stamina attribute,
o Seal 1: 30 points of damage plus 10% Stamina
o Seal 2: 60 points of damage plus 20% Stamina
o Seal 3: 90 points of damage plus 30% Stamina
* Knight ability “Mana Return”: This skill now can be used while the target has only one seal. Additional seals will increase the skill’s effect, but also add additional 6 secs of cooldown time.
* Knight ability “Threaten”: The seals on the target will no longer be removed when using this ability and the damage output has been increased. In return the skill now has an 8 second cooldown.

Mage / Warrior

* Mage: “Energy Influx” and “Shadow Fury” (Priest / Rogue Elite) can now be used at the same time.
* Warrior: “Moon Cleave” can now be used without spellcasting beforehand.

General Changes

* Purple armor from all instances now grants more HP than before. Additionally the HP bonuses will now stack (add up).
* Arena Gifts (1v1 fights) now contain a potion closer to the character’s level.
* Abilities for magical musical instruments increased:
+ Lute: Increased Physical Attack Speed from 10% to 25% for each round played (5s)
+ Guitar: Increased spellcasting speed from 10% to 25% for each round played.
+ Saxophone: Increased the defensive ability. For each round played, the damage received by up to 6 party members within a range of 80 is reduced by 15% (from 5%).
+ Rattle” Increased Defense and Magical Defense from 8% to 15% for each round played.
+ Tambouring: Increased Attack and Magical Attack from 8% to 15% for each round played.

* The difficulty of Malatina’s Dungeon 2 has been tweaked:
+ The time limit for the game has been changed from 10 to 15 mins.
+ To complete the prerequisite for the first Special Treasure Chest to appear, players now have 6 minutes instead of 5.
+ The second Special Treasure Chest (complete round three) now appears after 9 minutes instead of 8.
+ There is now a chance of getting Phiriues tokesn from normal treasure chests.
* When character dies while in a dialog, the character will not get Moa’s core.
* Phirius potions / elixir / special water series can now be while under the invincibility buff.
* Spell casting will now reduce weapon durability.
* Increased the effect duration from 600 to 900 sec of: Roasted Fish, Roasted Meat, Roasted Salty Fish, Garlic Roasted Meat, Salted Fish, Smoked Bacon, Salted Fish with Sauce, Smoked Bacon with Herbs, Honey raosted Chicken, Rish Egg Sandwich, Creamy Seafood Pie, Meatsauce Burrito, Deluxe Seafood, Spicy Meatsauce Burrito, Swamp Mix, Seaworm Salad, Delicious Swamp Mix, Unimaginable Salad, General’s three-color Sausages, Cheese Fishcake, Imperial Seafood Pie, Dragon’s Banquet, Doom’s Banquet
* Increased the Physical Damage bonus of the Spicy Meatsuce Burrito from 20% to 25%
* Decreased the cooldown dime of Roasted Salty Fish from 30 to 1 seconds.
* The guild notice boards for the 3 different levels of quests had the same name, now they have different names to help players differentiate them better.
* The requirement for the Light-enhancing Sword recipe now has been reduced from 4 to 1.
* Added new description to the store interface, explaining that with “Shift-Click” you can enter the amount of items you want to sell.
* While spellcasting the items necessary for that spell can no longer moved in te backpack until the spell is fully cast.

Text changes

* The explanation of the God’s Redemption Ticket has been clarified. (By using this ticket the primary class’ experience and talent point debt are arased instantly).
* The monsters and vengeful spirits summoned upon using one of the rewards for the quest “Rewards of Revenge” – the “Mystic Crystal Ball” now have a new dialog string after death.
* Added explanations to the guild structures Field, Forge, Lumber Yard and Library detailing the number of players (5-30) that can use them simultaneously.
* The storage function of the Superior Floor Cabinet is now mentioned in the item’s description.
* The description of the Transformation Potion “Giant Guardian” has been corrected. It now contains the following information “The effects of using this potion are: Movement Speed -40.0%, Dodge rate -20.0% Strength +20.0%, Stamina +20.0%, transformation lasts for 30.”
* Karros Canyon (Capture the flag): When the Red Runestone is recaptured, the correct message will be displayed.

Fixed issues

* Warden skill: “Soul Attack” – The error that the character was invincible when in battle and the pet’s health was exactly 0HP has been corrected.
* Rogue skills “Poisonous”, “Slowing Poison”, “Tongue Poison”, “Create Opportunity”, “Searing Light”, “Crippling Poison”: The effect now stops when the buff is cancelled or wears off.
* Solved problem with “Hide”: The character is now transparent – not only to others.
* Warden / Scout lv. 30 Elite Skill “Chiron the Centaur”: The portrait is now displayed at the correct position.
* Quest “The Troll’s Natural Enemy” (Weeping Coast): The drops from Deadwood Spiders and Tusk Spiders will now display correctly.
* Quest “Meaning of Life Assistance”: The Nutritional Potion cannot be used multiple times before the Ent transformation is complete.
* Quest “Whistle Lake Habitat”: Every Whistle Lake Oil Frog now only counts once.
* Quest “Witness”: It is now possible to finish the quest even when not in a gorup.
* Quest “Anothe Key”: It is now possible to correctly use the “Silver Key of Sathkur” and enter the last room in the Arcane Chamber of Sathkur.
* Quest “Reason for Waking”: When talking to the NPC Guardian’s Consciousness after finishing the quest you will now receive information about how to get to Sirloth.
* The NPCs Maleen, Sapuskan, Grace and the unnamed girls in Varanas no longer stand on a chair.
* Weeping Coast Public Encounter: The messages no longer spam all players’ in the zone.
* Weeping Coast Public Encounter: The scripted event should no longer fail under certain circumstances.
* Crafting Interface: “Herbalism”: The Herbalism-button will now be marked as usable once the skill has been learned.
* Fusion Stones: The rank of lv. 20 and 40 armor is now calculated and siplayed correctly: The rank of lv 20 armor is now 1 – so the value displayed on the fused stones is 1. Accordingly for lv. 40 armor and fused stones are rank 2.
* Resolved problem with Nemesis List: Once a Nemesis has been eliminated, it now properly is removed from the list.
* The error-report feature (text window next to mini map) now displays the correct information.
* Minigame Goblin Games Instance: When the player tried to open the goblin treasure chest with a full backpack, the treasure chest now can b looted again afte making space in the backpack.
* Minigame Tower Defense: It is no longer possible to help the opponent raising towers.
* “Heart of the Ocean”: Boss “Jiasha” is no longer collecting too many items when using his/her ability.
* The Slaughterer’s Warboots now have additional abilites.
* When the messenger for the last boss of the Zurhidion Zone instance dies, the doors now open correctly.
* “Tatasha’s Prediction” no longer interfers with a characters PVP setting.
* Players logging off in an instance will be placed outside the instance when logging back in.

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