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Runes of Magic updates to patch 2.1.3 Nov 19th

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Runes of Magic will be patching to version 2.1.3, which introduces the Lair of the Demon Dragon, on Thursday, November 19th. The update adds a twelve man raid on a possessed Fire Dragon, a rework of the crafting system, and the Autumn Banquet event.

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Content update for Runes of Magic lets loose dragon

Crafting system reworked following patch

Berlin, 17 November 2009: The Demon Dragon is ready and waiting in his volcanic prison for visits from groups of daring adventurers. With patch ‘2.1.3 – Lair of the Demon Dragon’ on Thursday, 19th November, the Runes of Magic virtual game world will not only be expanded by the twelve man raid dungeon of the same name. With the update, publisher Frogster has also performed a rework of the crafting system and implemented a further in-game event. Taborea is inviting all to an ‘Autumn Banquet’ and is indulging players with a harvest thanksgiving festival where all sorts of delicious treats and varied tasks will be on offer.

Many high level players will be focussed on the exciting adventures which await them in the raid dungeons of Runes of Magic. The ‘Lair of the Demon Dragon’ is the latest and most difficult challenge that the online role play game has offered to date. The powerful demon-possessed flame dragon Gestero – held captive in the Aotulia Volcano – is anything but an easy opponent. To strengthen themselves for combat, from today players can get along to this year’s ‘Autumn Banquet’. Gift tables have been distributed across the whole continent and are loaded with food. Daily quests in and around the acquisition of supplies, or gathering resources, round off the event.

The rework of the crafting system, as requested by the community, is now incorporated into the game with the ‘2.1.3 – Lair of the Demon Dragon’ patch. The new interface presents itself in a tidied up form and has also been tuned in terms of user-friendliness. There is now the opportunity to manufacture items with up to two levels of rarity higher than previously.

More information about the content update on November 19th is available on the official Runes of Magic website.

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