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Runes of Magic Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms Now Live

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Runes of Magic officially launched the Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms content update to all of its servers today, on May 18, 2010. The update adds a new area to the game as well as a new dungeon. It also introduces a new battleground as well as a tweak to the game’s skill system. The most obvious change in The Elder Kingdoms update is the higher level cap – now 58.

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What’s new in Chapter III?
– Level-cap raised to 58
– Two new zones with brand new dungeons and world bosses
– Enabling of battles involving entire guilds with the new siege wars feature
– Expanded monster compendium
– New party search tool
– New crafting system to create fusion stones with individual values
– Newly expanded skill system linked to armor sets
– Two selectable difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons
– New token system allowing players to trade for exclusive armor sets
– Guild buffs available in guild castles
– New guild mini-games

Upcoming in the course of Chapter III
– Level-cap raised to 60
– Two-player mounts
– New role playing elements including a marriage system
– New dungeons
– New zones

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