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ROSE Online Newest PvP Map, Draconis Peaks Goes Live For All Players!

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Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), is proud to announce ROSE Online’s  newest expansion to their player versus player experience, Draconis Peaks is now open!

Draconis Peaks, an area inhabited by powerful dragons who relentlessly attempt to claim dominion over the territory through the expansion of their brood. To aid in this expansion, teams of brave adventurers assist the dragons in stealing eggs from other broods while fighting off the opposing team.

Each team can consist of up to 10 players, with brackets ranging from 100-230 battling it out for Honor Points to redeem for unique items and gear!

“It’s not your straight forward PvP Map,” states Ryan Leonis Alemania, ROSE Lead Developer, “it’s not about who can kill more, but defending the eggs and capturing the opposing. There are multiple ways to win and players are going to need strategy. “

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