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Ring of Elysium’s Season 2 Has Officially Begun

Ring of Elysium Season 2 Launch

Ring of Elysium’s Season 2 content update has officially launched and with it the new Europa Island map. Adventurer Pass Season 2 is also here, entitled Paradise Falls. The new Europa Island map that comes in this update will change how Ring of Elysium is played, taking players from the bitter cold to the dangerous tropics, complete with a titanic volcano. Europa Island will also have new weapons, transportation, and equipment to go with it.

The island’s sunny and warm climate will fluctuate as player’s encounter heavy rain, thunderstorms, thick fog, strong winds, and awe-inspiring typhoons. Getting around the brand new volcanic island will be just as fun as ever with the addition of  BMX bikes, hang gliders, and Attack on Titan style grappling hooks. If new weapons are more your thing, the MG4 and PKM weapons will be available.

Adventurer Pass Season 2 Features:

  • Three new characters: 
    Name: Bradley
    Profession: Echelon Special Operations Force Officer

    Name: Sylvia
    Profession: Echelon Special Operations Force Agent

    Name: Alfonso
    Profession: Echelon Special Operations Force Exoskeleton Armored Prototype Pilot

New Map Europa Island Features:

  • New Gear including BMX bikes, hang glider, and grappling hooks

  • New weapons: MG4, and PKM

  • Iconic locations to visit including Ocean Park, Angel church, Seafood market, The Observatory, Ancient castle ruins, and Undersea world.

  • Realistic dynamic weather: sunny, cloudy, heavy rain, thunderstorms, thick fog, high-speed winds, and intense typhoons.

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