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Riders of Icarus Teases New PvE Content

WeMade has revealed more new content coming to Riders of Icarus, this time with a PvE focus. Players will soon discover:

  • The Lair of Ienos. Available at level 35 with a daily quest, players can defeat Ienos in his lair to earn his Familiar Control Stone. Two random familiars will then appear from a pool of elite and heroic creatures, and players can attempt to tame one of the two. This will give players a chance to find rarer familiars, including those from Parna’s Coast and the Exarahn Badlands.
  • The Tritael Rift. This new area sets the stage for conflict between the Fallen Legion and Tempest Dragons, and will feature mostly water, requiring Riders to use their aerial skills to succeed in their missions. Players will also discover The Breach here, a new high-level dungeon with Supreme Commander gear to obtain.
  • The Gusting Isles. This is a new 10-player dungeon meant to challenge players like never before as they attempt to stop the titan Trauna.

The development team also promises more bug fixes, new systems, and new features. More details will be revealed soon on the Riders of Icarus blog.

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