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Riders of Icarus Teases Blight of Frost Keep Update


Nexon today teases the first post-launch content update to Riders of Icarus featuring an expansion of end-game content with an upped level cap to 35. Highlights of the incoming content includes:

  • Parna’s Coast: Enter the new snow-covered lands of Parna’s Coast to discover new dangers and new mounts as you explore this fascinating new high-level region
  • The Frost Keep: Riders level 34 and above will find an icy challenge awaiting them in the new Frost Keep dungeon, where they can also add new ghostly mounts to their collection.
  • Cavern of the Veil: More mysteries will be unearthed by Riders level 34 and above in the Cavern of the Veil, where they will face off against a variety of deadly bosses deep underground.
  • New Mounts: Parna’s Coast has its own unique environment, and with it comes new mounts to capture and tame, including the Venomous Caspert, Karas and Terror Kerav.


Interested in getting into Riders of Icarus? Check out this new official overview video explaining what it’s all about!

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