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Riders of Icarus Officially Launches

Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment today revealed the official launch of the action-adventure, free-to-play Riders of Icarus.  Starting today, Riders can ascend into battle and experience the full majestic world and wild beasts of Riders of Icarus. As a Rider with legendary combat abilities, players will master the skills of aerial combat with other battle-ready heroes to fight through an epic adventure filled with massive boss battles by both land and air.

Following the completion of multiple betas and the collection of valuable player feedback, WeMade implemented several changes that will be visible in the final game and will increase players’ thrilling gameplay experiences, including major system and feature updates.

Some of the content updates to Riders of Icarus include:

  • Legendary Dungeon Coin Rewards – Players can exchange Legendary Coins for Legendary Equipment. Adjustments have been made to the cost of Legendary Equipment Recipes. Implementation of these changes helps improve character item progression;
  • Legendary Dungeon Loot Revamp – There are now higher chances to obtain multiple Legendary Equipment with increases to drop rates for Legendary Equipment and crafting materials. There are also improvements to the overall quality of rewards that drop from Bosses;
  • World Boss Quests – New daily requests per region for World Bosses with a chance to earn vouchers from daily requests to exchange for special rewards (Legendary Equipment, Skill books, familiar related items). The addition of these quests were incorporated to allow all participants in a quest to benefit from rewards, where previously they were left out due to how rewards were previously distribution;
  • Support Box –Hero’s Gift cases are updated to support newer Riders progress to end game, including Gift Cases for level 35, 40, and 45;
  • Crafting – With changes being made to material costs for crafting, players will see a significant increase in success chance to craft Legendary Equipment. Triumphant Chances have been greatly boosted where players can craft the best version of equipment from “triumphant crafting;”
  • Equipment/Vanity Appearance Toggle –Riders can now toggle any piece of equipment, aside from jewelry being visible and gives players the option to customize their character’s appearance to greater degrees;
  • In-Game News Interface – Get content and event updates more easily, allowing for greater navigation to the appropriate page for more information.

Riders of Icarus is available as a free download on Steam and through the Nexon Launcher.

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