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RF Online offers events and a new server

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RF Online has launched a new server, Primus, and with it come a set of events for players.

Primus is the first server to be launched after the server transfers, and opened on February 9. With it come two special Primus-only events:

* Win Weapons: The top ten highest leveled characters per race on Primus by March 31st will earn a special weapon. The first place winner will earn a +3 Leon Weapon (55 Lv), while second through fifth place will earn a +4 Intense Weapon (55 Lv) and places sixth through tenth will earn a +4 Intense Weapon (50 Lv).

* Experience Boosts: Primus will grant 500% bonus PT, drop, and experience rates to players until February 16.

* Rewards for leveling up: Special armor can be obtained when a player reaches levels 47, 50, 53, 55, 56, 60, and 61.

RF Online is published by CCR Inc.

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