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Revamped Gates of Darkness Revealed for Elsword

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Kill3rCombo has revamped the Gates of Darkness level in Elsword, as part three of the three phase Elsword Awakened update.  The level is a tower defense style stage, where you and up to three other friends must defend sacred crystals from hordes of enemies led by a three-headed skeletal dragon.

The update encourages teamwork, especially at the higher levels, as the AI for monsters is much improved, and there is a higher variety of monster types.  Item drops will be much more plentiful, however, letting players craft the high level equipment exclusive to the dungeon.  Gates of Darkness will be made permanent each weekend.

On September 29-30 and October 6-7, the game is also having a special event that will allow players to upgrade items capped at +10 to a special +11 power.

Kill3rCombo also publishes Fighter’s Club Online.

Elsword “Awakened” Gameplay Screenshot

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