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Returners Receives Huge ‘Annihilation War’ Update

Returners - Guild War News -image

Popular management-style mobile RPG Returners has a huge update today, offering new content whether you’re new or a veteran. 50 vs. 50 multiplayer combat comes to life, where two guilds clash in the Annihilation War. This takes place three times a week, and participants earn Guild Points through close cooperation with other guild members to push guild weekly rankings as high as possible. In addition, the mighty Napoleon Bonaparte makes his debut, and wielding his “Revolutionary Canon”, offering a 35% chance to instantly vaporize a target.¬†Players will also utilize the Siren Skin for skilled healer Dulcet Bloom. The skin provides Dulcet with increased magic attack and increased hit points (HP) for improved survivability in clutch situations.¬†New and experienced players can now enhance 6-star gear by +25 to upgrade to 7-star gear. All 7-star gear vaunts both hidden and default abilities that can be upgraded by +25. If that weren’t enough, there are several events, such as the 7-Day Attendance Event which allows players to receive 7-star upgrade materials. The Boomerang Event will also give players high-grade Legendary Gear simply for playing.

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