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Returners Launches Globally on iOS and Android

Nexon announces the global launch of its folklore-inspired management RPG on mobile, Returners.

Returners features iconic heroes from history and myth, including Theseus, Mozart, Aladdin, Cleopatra, and Robin Hood. Players can combine their favorite heroes into five-hero squads, balancing classes and customizing through gear and tactics to face off in real-time 5v5 combat.

Game modes include PvE campaigns, league modes, and PvP tournaments. The PvP arena features daily rankings and a competitive ladder with special tournament rewards.

Special launch events are taking place now, including:

  • Grand Launch Coupon Event: Receive 1,000 Bluestones from the Returners Coupon window by tapping the in-game Settings icon, then tapping the Enter Coupon icon;
  • Bluestone Bonanza: Receive 30% more Bluestones on all Bluestone Package purchases for a limited time;
  • Energy Back Event: Play consistently and gather points to afford top-grade Gears just for playing;
  • 5-Star Hero Achievement: Upgrade a 1-Star Hero to 5-Star Hero and obtain rare rewards for a limited time.

Find Returners now on iOS and Android.

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