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Requiem Online Announces First 2013 Update

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Gravity Interactive has announced plans for its first Requiem Online update of 2013, scheduled to launch on January 15.

The update will introduce a new raid instance, raise the level cap to 90, and introduce new skill points for all classes.Players can also find new Nightmare Accessory sets and raid items, all for free once the update launches.

“This update will be one of the first of many that will come in this year. 2012 has been a great year with us, especially with Facebook. Players all over the world can now access to one of the bloodiest MMO’s out there and we’re thrilled to have them!” said Denny Kwon, Producer for Requiem at Gravity Interactive US Office. “The Altar of Sacrifice update will contain an all new area where players will face off with lots of customization, all new Raids, and tons of new weapons and items for our players to discover, compound and show off!”

Deep beneath the Secret Temple lays a dormant power hidden for ages. Loose scripts have told of god-like beings ruling for a moment in time during the Dark Ages.
To appease these god-like beings, flesh from across Ethergia was given to them to gratify their hunger. Their hunger for flesh was small at first, a couple virgins every year; then it these being’s hunger began to rise. From years to months, months to weeks, to weeks to days, and from days to hours. The sacrifices began to take a toll in the population of Ethergia.

The Holy Xenon Empire’s sub-division, “Filias sanctae Matris”, a dedicated group of Battle-Maiden decided to end this madness. Posed as the next group of sacrifices, they lured the three beings into an Altar of Sacrifice and had the door sealed from the outside, sacrificing themselves for Ethergia.

This seal was to be casted once and never to be revealed again. Knowledge of the secret altar was stricken from all records and burned.

The three god-like beings were to be forever forgotten… that is until foolish explorative Temperions gained access to it.

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