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Requiem makes international service merge

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Gravity Interactive announced today that it will migrate the Korean service of Requiem to North America.

The migration will take place on March 7, allowing both Korean and North American players to share the same servers. To help players after the migration, several events will take place, including a global drop of green and blue rice cakes, a raid boss summoning event, and a chance maker event for double loot from bosses.

Gravity Interactive also publishes Ragnarok Online and Dragon Saga.



MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (February 15, 2012) – WarpPortal’s dark fantasy MMORPG REQUIEM: Memento Mori announced today that Korean Requiem service will be migrated to North American Requiem service to concentrate resources and provide a better service to Requiem players. The migration is scheduled to take place in March 7, 2012.

To help Korean Requiem players acquainted after the migration, Requiem: Memento Mori will be hosting the events listed below:

  • Green rice cake & blue rice cake global drop event for all players.
  • Raid boss summoning event.
  • Chance maker event for doubled dropped loot from bosses.

“We hope Korean Requiem users feel welcome and enjoy their new home on our servers” states Casey Wing, Producer for Requiem in North America. “We are preparing many events and challenges for Korean players to enjoy, and we also want to make sure that they have fun playing with our North American players currently playing in our server.”

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