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Requiem Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

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Requiem: Memento Mori is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a special 3-week event.

During the event, players can enjoy 100% increased drop rate and 10% increased experience from June 17th through June 24th; 100% increased Lant and 10% increased experience from June 24th until July 1st; and from July 1st to July 8th, enjoy 30% increased experience. During each weekend of the event, players can also enjoy from 4-7am and 4-7pm an increased 20% experience, 50% lant, and 50% drop rate, which will stack with the weekly bonus. Reinforcement and Enchantment bonuses will also be applied throughout the weeks, as will daily sales on items in the cash shop.

The Original Announcement:

Today we begin a 3 week long celebration of Requiem’s 2nd Anniversary. And boy do we have a lot in store for you!

Rate Increases:

  • June17-24: Increased Drop +100%
    Increased EXP +10%
  • June 24-July1: Increased Lant +100%
    Increased EXP +10%
  • July1-8: Increased Exp +30%
    These rates do not include Happy Hours which will increase the rates further.

Happy Hour of Power

Every weekend beginning at 4am and 4pm lasting for 3 hours. Regular happy hours will still continue.

  • Increased Rates: EXP +20% Lant +50% Drops +50%
  • June19-20/ June26-27/July2-5

Reinforcement and Enchantment Events:

Reinforcement: June 11-14 +20%increase
June 26th +20%increase
Enchantment:June 18-21 +20%increase
June 27th +20%increase

Anniversary Moment of Opportunity

Entry to win in the Moment of Opportunity event is automatic for any Subscription or Item mall point purchases made on our website between June 17th and June 30, 2010.
Once per day a random purchase will have its value matched by us and automatically added to the account as Item mall points. We’ll have a list on the front page starting June 18th.

Item of the Day Sale:

Monday-Friday we will have a new item on sale that will only be available for 24hours. (EXCEPTION: Friday item sales will be left in until Monday)

  • 18th-21st: [Special] Enchanting Success Rate Increase Coupon x 5 set 225pts
    Enchanting Xeon Extractor 150pts.
  • 21st: Reinforcement Insurance 75pts.->50pts.
  • 22nd: Exp +40% [1 day] 120pts.
  • 23rd: Coming Soon
  • 24th: Coming Soon
  • 25th-28th: Coming Soon
  • 29th: Coming Soon
  • 30th: Coming Soon
  • 1st: Coming Soon
  • 2nd: Coming Soon
  • 6th: Coming Soon
  • 8th: Coming Soon
  • 9th: Coming Soon
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