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Remnant Knights Revamps Starting Zones, Launches on Miniclip

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The free-to-play anime MMORPG Remnant Knights is ending the school year with a bang, introducing revamped starting zones and an improved UI in the May 15 update. Players visiting the Owl and Dragon School starting zones will find them completely redesigned. School buildings have been re-imagined, and the surrounding areas have been expanded. “For the last several updates we’ve been focusing on adding or revamping higher level zones,” said Mike Suh, Remnant Knights’ Lead Producer. “Now it’s time for a new look and feel for the starting players, too.”

The starting zone revamp coincides with Remnant Knights’ launch of the recently released cloud-based browser version of game on Miniclip, located at “With the Remnant Knights re-launch and re-branding over the past several months, we’ve been looking at reaching younger players,” said Scott Wong, President of GameSamba. “Miniclip is a great partner to serve that audience.” Players can discover RK on MiniClip under numerous game categories including Action, Adventure, MMO & Multiplayer.

In addition to revamped starting zones and the Miniclip launch, the May 15 patch for Remnant Knights introduces a new feature allowing players to preview the appearance of equipment drops possible from dungeons prior to entering them. Players will also notice a streamlined and cleaner UI that frees up additional gameplay space on the screen by reducing borders and implementing mouse-over transparent windows, among other things.

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