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Red Stone Releases Update Featuring Major Character Balance Changes

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Red Stone Online launched a major update yesterday which offered some major balance changes on five characters, as well as a 1 vs. 1 PVP mode, Guild and Tutorial system reworks and much more. In this particular update, Spiritualist, Summoner, Princess, Fallen Angel, and Necromancer classes were all dramatically updated. Fallen Angel, Princess, Necromancer classes receive buffs enhancing skills their second class change players mainly used, meanwhile reworks on other support skills allow for much easier PVE play. Spiritualist received increased range on reaction skills and tweaks to build up new patterns of play, providing better PVE experience combined with already fantastic PVP ability. Summoner now receives their stat buffing Pet skill levels, and pet stats were changed in order to provide easier monster hunting experience.

Players can also do battle in a month-long season of 1 vs. 1 PVP duels, with a matchmaking system. It will follow similar rules to the Guild Battle system. Winning provides rank points, and players can also receive daily rewards along with Season rewards/titles. The Guild and Tutorial system receive a great change as well. Players can collect useful buffs and daily rewards from newly added Guild Flag in their respective Guild Hall. New weekly quests are also available along with daily quests for even bigger benefits than before. The Tutorial system gets a rework as well, providing a distinct guideline from level 1 to 900 for new and returning players to help them understand the game. The Mission Book system is also new, which lets players focus on existing content by offering missions in varying degrees of difficulty, and also provide opportunities to upgrade their characters abilities.

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