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Red Stone introduces Champion

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Red Stone has launched a new update, introducing a new character and other updates.

The Champion makes her debut with the new patch, combining spiritual power with martial arts to defeat her foes. New maps, including a Premium Dungeon Map, have been introduced, along with new skills and skill upgrades. Finally, a new feature called Adventure Association, designed to help new players find their way in the game with a new introductory quest and game guide. The character creation limit has also been upped from four to six.

Red Stone is published by OGPlanet, which also publishes Lost Saga and LaTale.

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Red Stone Releases ‘The Champion’ and Massive Content Updates

Popular classic fantasy MMORPG adds a horde of new stuff

Torrance, Calif.-December 8, 2011- OGPlanet, an innovative provider of multiplayer online games, today announced big news and updates for Red Stone, the popular 2D fantasy RPG. The hardcore MMORPG has steadily been growing and thriving due to its depth of gameplay and quality of character classes.

Red Stone is excited to introduce the much-anticipated character, The Champion. This mysterious fighter is a fast-paced martial arts expert who may draw on spiritual forces to aid her in combat.

Along with The Champion, players will enjoy many other great updates to the game. A number of fresh maps have opened for exploration, including a Premium Dungeon Map design. Additionally, some new skills have been added and many current skills have been upgraded.

Another new feature is the ‘Adventure Association,’ a system which helps new users get into the game, and adds an introductory quest as well as a complete game guide. New accounts will now also be able to create up to six characters, up from four previously.

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