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Red Stone account transfer from GamenGame to L&K

Red Stone News - Main Image

Red Stone, originally developed by L&K and serviced from Korea’s global gaming platform, GamenGame will be opening up an account transfer service to its original founder. L&K’s transfer will be up until December and will start on December 14th. Red Stone was available for three years in NA and Europe, but due to the contract ending, Gamengame will no longer be hosting the game, and L&K will receive control again. The positive side is that L&K can now directly receive feedback from their users, and provide quicker updates and improvements than before. To celebrate this, L&K will launch an event in December. This is the Burning Potato event, with double gold/experience. In addition, a Calendar Event Lottery, Mysterious Pouch, and Santa Costume for each occupation as well as a Special Package for returning users will be sold. There’s also a huge update coming in 2018.  Players can also look forward to new jobs Maid and BeastMan awakening in 2018, as well as a new pet system. The transfer can be found on their main website below. In the event users cannot transfer on time, they can send an official inquiry on the Redstone website to do so.

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