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Realm Royale’s OB17 Goes Live, As Does ‘Big Head Mode’

Realm Royale Big Head Mode image

Realm Royale is getting into the April Fool’s spirit with a new addition to the game for a limited time: Big Head Mode. Players just need to drink the Big Headed potion on the airship before jumping, and they will enter battle with a comically oversized head. If that weren’t enough, ‘The Next Frontier’ also brings the third Battle Pass to Realm Royale. Players will be able to grab hold of both Western and Cyber themed cosmetics, skins, mounts and more, such as the deadly BattleBok Chicken skin and the HL-1700 mount. There’s also a fun new gun in the game, a minigun called “The Gatekeeper”. It boasts high firepower and a long range, letting you melt opponents from a distance.

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