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Rappelz Epic 9.4 Arrives September 27

Rappelz Epic 9.4 Arrives September 27

Webzen has announced that Rappelz Epic 9.4, “The Expedition,” will launch on September 27.

This new update introduces The Island of the Forgotten Gods, a dungeon area which hosts four new bosses. This area is only accessible through a daily permit and each boss requires certain items to be collected before they will appear.

Epic 9.4 also introduces more quests, gear, the “blue-eye” weapon set, and more.

Six weeks of events will celebrate the patch release in Rappelz, including:

  • Pluto’s Trials – Collect Pluto’s Coins and gain exclusive cloaks
  • Lak Trader event – Defeat Monsters, collect Lak and exchange it for awesome items
  • Buff Crystal event – Explore dungeons to get buffs
  • Login event – Log in every day and get rewards
  • Wcoin item raffle – Collect Wcoin items and participate in a legendary raffle
  • Golden Week event – Back in-game for a limited time only

Check out the patch notes for the full details of what’s new.

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