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Rangers of Oblivion Reveals Information on New Behemoths to Battle

Rangers of Oblivion Warblade Update

The Rangers are sworn to protect the land of Malheim in Rangers of Oblivion, and the newly-established Malheim Challenge event will let players push themselves to the limit. This continuous hunt is designed to wipe out the vilest of behemoths from the face of the planet and will test your tracking, combat and survival skills. This event is split into two parts: “Earth Dominator” and “Sky Overlord”. Each has players fighting behemoths that either roam the land or skies. Players must defeat two behemoths of the same type in succession to complete the event. Below, we have some information on what these Behemoths can do, so that players are not going in blind.

• A dragon behemoth and a subspecies of Cindarr, seen prowling the Promised Plains
• A Thorzan’s roar can easily be mistaken for a thunderclap while it soars above the clouds. Behemoths capable of controlling lightning are many, but this is one of the mightiest
• Has a long horn-laden with thunder, when a Thorzan moves, thunder and lightning roars, each attack contains untold power.
• Can summon balls of lightning that reduce enemies to piles of ash. Due to its destructive power, humans (understandably) harbor animosity toward it

• Another dragon behemoth and a subspecies of Saphros, seen in areas around the Stormfury Mountains
• Named because, while Saphros is the symbol of beauty and elegance, Vile Saphros can’t match its beauty and is, arguably, the symbol of cruelty and viciousness
• Can’t control the weather but can create poisonous mist, covering large areas and giving rise to poisonous vines which grow rapidly, binding its enemies
• Not an opponent to take lightly, even other behemoths seem to have a hard time withstanding the effects of its poison

• A Giant behemoth and a subspecies of the Howler that has recently been found lurking in the Whispering Woods.
• Mutated from forest wolves and different to both Howler and Ice Howler; in that it doesn’t have the power to control any element, however, it is certainly no less dangerous
• The Bone Howler’s body is made up of sharp bone-like ‘blades’, with head and tail most prominent. It charges enemies and slashes with its tail, it can slice the very air around it to create air pressure capable of killing enemies at range
• Battling Bone Howlers — and remaining intact — requires complete, unwavering awareness of its movements

• Last of the new arrivals and probably the deadliest too. The Kirin has begun appearing in the Desolate Sands of late
• A radiant and eye-catching beast, it doesn’t fall short even when compared to Saphros (which Malheim acknowledges as the most dazzling behemoth)
• Elegant during battle, agile and dexterous; has wings filled with tiny scales that reflect the brilliance of the sun
• Do not be fooled by its splendor, the Kirin is vicious and deadly. It is said to have destroyed countless hamlets in faraway lands; in its eyes, humans are scurrying ugly ants without value
• The Kirins are thought to have arrived in Malheim in pursuit of a swordsman from the east and have traced his steps to the Desolate Sands. As to how to deal with this elegant yet deadly enemy is a new challenge for every Ranger upon Malheim

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