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Ragnarok Online hosts level up event

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Ragnarok Online will be running a special “From Novice to Hero” event from August 24 until September 6.

During the event, all new characters will level at double normal speed at base levels under 70, 1st class, Expanded, and Transcendent 1st Class up to level 50, and Super Novice up to 70. All players will also get one free character slot on Ymir or any other server for permanent free-play. The Super Novice class has also been expanded to add new skills and levels to obtain.

Ragnarok Online is published by Gravity Interactive (WarpPortal), which also publishes Rose Online and Dragon Saga.

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The best MMO in the world is only at its best when played with friends. Now is the best time to join your friends and play Ragnarok Online, now is the time to go from being a Novice to being a Hero!

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (August 24, 2011) – The latest development in Ragnarok Online is the expansion of the ever stalwart Super Novice! And in celebration all interested players are invited to join Ragnarok Online and get into the action faster than ever with the Ragnarok Online: From Novice to Hero Event.

The world of Ragnarok Online has always been blessed with stalwart heroes to battle for what is right in Rune Midgard. Each of those heroic stories start with a young Novice, new to the world and just starting on his or her journey. WarpPortal is proud to celebrate the journey from Novice to Hero from August 24 – September 6th!

During the Celebration all new characters will achieve early leveling at double normal speed!

  1. Base levels under 70, levels twice as quick!
  2. 1st Class, Expanded and Transcendent 1st Class Job levels up to 50 are Double speed too!
  3. Super Novice up to Job 70 is also sped up!
  4. All accounts will also receive 1 free Character slot on Ymir, or any of our servers, which will allow permanent Free-play!
  5. Expansion of the Super Novice Class!

The Super Novice Class will be expanded as well on August 24th! Allowing new skills to be learned, higher levels and greater stat customization than ever before!

This is a perfect time to invite friends to play or to start your own Ragnarok Online Adventure, find new friends and make new legends!

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