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QubeTown’s Latest Update Brings New Stack-Up Mini-Game

QubeTown Stack-Up Update

QubeTown has a new update arriving today which brings a new Stack-Up mini-game and much more. Players will be given randomly sized blocks that move left and right. They need to stack each block as high as possible, and the Stack-Up event will allow players to compete, which is hosted by the Circus. This can reward special landscape items, Ruby, Gold and so much more. While playing Stack-Up, several items such as Hourglass, Clover 2x and Life will be available to help players to reach a higher score. The mini-event will run for a week, beginning today (March 23rd) until April 1st, 2019.

QubeTown will also continue to hold in-game events like this every month. The upcoming Musical Festival Event will bring new types of products such as ‘Magical Shoes’, ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ and ‘Wizard’s Hat’. Each product requires a different amount of materials to produce. In addition, there will be event-related stories, new missions, and special rewards. The latest update also features 3 different themed town skins. Users can give their town a different look by applying the new skins to their castle, warehouse, houses, Inn and more.

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