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Project Torque shutting down

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Aeria Games is shutting down another MMO: Project Torque.

The racing MMO will close down the item mall on July 15th, the game servers on August 2nd, and the forums on August 3rd. From July 15th until the game servers shut down, the game will run various events from giveaways of cash shop items and even unreleased cars, to special races. Users who spent AP in the past 90 days can also get a full refund of their points.

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Update: There’s hope! U.S. players may be able to play Level-R, which is the European version of Project Torque on the Gamigo portal. Level-R is actually a bit different in terms of cars available, tracks and gameplay, but it’s largely the same game.

The Original Announcement:


It brings me great sadness to be the one to announce this to you all. We are all aware that Project Torque has not been what it used to this past several months. The drop off of players has left a very noticeable impact on us in all areas.

We(Invictus & Aeria Games) had ultimately put a lot of faith in the Julia build to help us grow the community back to what it used to be. Although we had seen some improvements (some older and newer players returning to the game!), it is simply not happening as fast as we had hoped.

Sadly to say, despite our best of efforts we are no longer able to support the game. We have put together a schedule for the remainder of the month that will lead into the server final shut down.

The final burnout schedule:

July 15th 2010: Shut down of both the in game and web item malls from making purchases of AP Items. RP currency will still be usable during this time. During this time we will be unlocking just about all unreleased items and running nonstop events in the game for prizes. This includes the unreleased cars that have yet to make it into the game.

July 17th through August 2nd: Daily events will be run that give out numerous prizes and locked items that have not yet been released in PT.

August 2nd 2010: Complete shutdown of the game servers.

August 3rd 2010: Closing down of PT Forums.

Compensation plans:
We do plan on creating special promotional offers during this time frame as compensation to the few and proud users left in our great community. Some include a 100% AP refund for users who have spent in the last 90 days. A 200 AP gift for all current Active PT players (most likely a email with key redemption process) and possible setup of special packages from our current lineup of games that may include items from each title. We know a few play our other titles like Wolf Team and we will let you know as soon as information is available on these packages. We will be posting a separate thread up once we complete all the details of these offers. Rest assured we will take care of you all as best we can!

Personal note from GM_1Fastcrx:

As most of you know I have been a GM for this great game for over 2 years now and I loved every minute of it! Yes some of you were a pain! But it didn’t matter we all had a blast together and respected one another throughout the thick and thin, the ups and downs, and the flat out just terrible times. I know I’m an optimistic voice to some here; it saddens me to be the bearer of such terrible news and disappoint you in doing so with this post. It is something I never thought I would have to present to this great community. I do not enjoy one second of creating this post.

We all had nothing but hope for Project Torque here at Aeria Games, and to this day still believe that Invictus has a great game and that it will get the recognition it deserves one day. Again you are all aware of the hardships that we have endured throughout the past 2 years. There are a strong few that are still here and have stuck to it since the beginning. I really must say that even in the darkness that has shadowed PT in the last two years there is still light in the end of it all. We have all gained new friendships, memories, and overall exciting experiences.

I could not have asked for a better community to be a part of and a better game to be a GM for. I thank each and every one of you for your continued support! You ultimately were the ones responsible for this games success and progress. The game will now be back in Invictus’s hands, in the hopes that they will excel Project Torque to new heights and continue to progress the game.

If you have any questions visit the official announcement post here we will address them as best we can.

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