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Prius Online open beta begins June 2

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Gpotato has announced that the open beta for its upcoming MMORPG, Prius Online, will launch on June 2 (at 2 pm Pacific). No end date for the open beta has been set. For more information about the game, check out our Prius Online page.

Characters in the closed beta test will be wiped, but characters from open beta will remain permanent. The client will be available for download two days before the beta test begins.

Gpotato also publishes Allods Online, AIKA Online, and Flyff: Fly For Fun.

Prius Online Gameplay Screenshot


Hey guys!

We’re happy to announce the launch date for the Open Beta Test!!

OBT starts:
Thursday, June 2nd at 2:00pm (PST)



    – The full OBT client will be available through our mirror sites 2 days before the launch date.

    – Players that already downloaded the CBT client DO NOT have to download the OBT client, once the OBT patch becomes available the CBT client will automatically download and install the update.

    – You DO NOT have to re-register for OBT; all you need is your current gPotato account.

    – All characters created during the Close Beta Test were erased. Everyone will have to create a new character.

    – Characters names will NOT be transferred from CBT to OBT and all the names will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

    – The server WILL NOT be wiped again. All the characters created during OBT will carry over to the live server.

    – Some Countries are NOT covered by us. Please click here to see if your country is part of our territory coverage.

We will be announcing the Open Beta events shortly!! ;)

Thanks again to everyone that helped with the Close Beta Test!!

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