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Priston Tale offers Christmas adventure

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A new update to Priston Tale introduces Christmas-themed content and more for players.

Players can help Rudolph for a chance at a special prize, by finding seven unique items that fell off the sleigh and are now in the hands of snowmen hiding on each map.

The Ice Mine map has increased the drop rates for all monsters, and the game’s daily quest experience has also been increased.

Priston Tale is published by Suba Games, which also publishes Cross Fire and ACE Online.

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Rudolph Comes to Priston Tale with a Job for Everyone

Classic MMORPG Celebrates Christmas the Old School Way

TORONTO, ON December 21, 2011-Priston Tale, the classic 3D fantasy MMORPG published in North America by Wicked Interactive, celebrates the holidays the Old School way, with Rudolph and Frosty and a special Christmas adventure, as well as a new map and other surprises.

Rudolph has just rolled into the Priston Continent. Your job? Find him the seven unique items that fell off his sleigh. If you do, he will give you a special prize.

Watch out, though. To obtain these items players will need to defeat the snowmen hiding among regular monsters in each map. So get your friends together and earn your reward from Rudolph!


Along with this patch is an enhancement to the new Ice Mine map. The 108-item drop rates have been increased for all monsters.

Finally, the daily quest experience has been increased. Hint: Talk to Hunter Owen, who can be found in Ricarten and Pillai. You’ll be rewarded even more for completing his quests!

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