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Prepare Yourself for Hero Civilization: A New Dawn

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Hero Civilization Art

Vibrant Games has announced the launch of New Era of its successful top ranked browser MMORTS game Hero Civilization (HC).

Build your empire, train your troops and level up your Hero. Start a new era and join one of three factions — Human, Shaba, or Alec — and begin building your kingdom from the ground up. Participate in a variety of quests, each designed to further your goal of conquering the world. Join in an alliance with other players to further your path to glory. Trade with others for the materials and resources needed to keep a kingdom growing, and spread your influence across the land!

The game is based on the elements of strategy and tactics. The secrets of a big successful gaming environment are all combined in this game. The game has lots of features which simulates the real lives of middle age wars.

Some game features include:

  • Three factions: Join the Humans, Shaba, or Alec as you attempt to carve a name for yourself into the land. Each race offers a different ideal, and different troops and abilities along the way.
  • Alliance based system: Join with your fellows to grow more powerful, as you spread your influence across the land. Assist your allies and request their help for attacking and defence alike.
  • Trader’s economy: Have an excess of something, but need more of another? Trade it with another player so you can both benefit!
  • Quest based gameplay: Complete your empire efficiently using the extensive quest system in Hero Civilization. These quests will help guide your forces to victory!
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