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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Introduces Green Ranger & More

A major new update has hit Power Rangers: Legacy Wars today, introducing League 6, a Theatre Mode, and new Warriors.

Today’s update includes:

  • League 6 – Harwood County War Zone League 6 at 3400 Medals
  • New Theatre Mode 1.0: Watch replays of exciting matches from the best players in the Power Ranger Legacy Wars community.
  • New Warriors
    • Now available in League 6 – ¬†Mighty Morphin Green – Tommy Oliver
    • Rare Leader: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd
    • Epic Assist: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd
    • Epic Leader: Super Mega Force Robo Knight
    • Epic Assist: Super Mega Force Robo Knight
    • Rare Leader: Super Samurai Master Xandred
    • Rare Assist: Mighty Morphin Green – Tommy Oliver
  • Combat Rebalancing
    • Rarity Balance: Adjustments to the starting health and attack stats of higher level rarity
    • Block Frequency: Reduced the frequency of blocking and tuned to match warrior class
    • Dash Push Reduction: Reduced the amount of push character can do into each other
    • Various Character Balance: Many tuning adjustments based on player feedback and match history.
  • Improvements
    • Morph Box UI: Polished Morph Box Open and Closed states
    • Morph Box Payouts: New Warrior drop rates have been raised, improved rewards from Ultra Morph Boxes and League 5 Morph Boxes.
    • Alliance: Easier to find open Alliances at the top of the list
    • Various bug fixes and network stability improvements
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