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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Introduces Combat 2.0

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars announces the arrival of Update 1.3, which introduces a new League, new Warriors, the Mission System, and the all important Combat 2.0 update.

“Combat 2.0” is a new ruleset based on community feedback. The following changes are now implemented:

  • Strikes vs. Breakers – Strikes now defeat Breakers at any time during the Breaker animation
  • Assist Hit Reaction and Utility – The hit reaction from an in-coming attack on an Assist warrior will carry over to the leader warrior requiring players to think more about when to use an Assist in different situations
  • Recovery time has been reduced to give blocked players a better chance at countering

The Mission system adds daily and weekly challenges that offer rewards unavailable in standard PvP, and a new “League 8 Juice Bar Arena” offers a 90’s nostalgia feel.

New Warriors include Tommy Oliver, the original White Ranger, along with Rito Revolto and more.

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