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Population Zero Discusses The Weapons of Kepler

Population Zero Weapons Blog

The latest dev blog for Population Zero goes over one of the most important features: Howe we deal death to those around us. You’re going to have to fight on Kepler – that’s not up for debate. It’s a wild, unforgiving planet, and you’ll need ways to defend yourselves. Thankfully, you have plenty of options with which to cause harm to others. Sometimes, you don’t have any weapons on hand though, so you have to punch stuff. Fists don’t have to be crafted, but on the other hand, they deal less damage.

All of the weapons have unique attacks, whether you use a Hammer, AxeKnife, Swords or Spears. Weapons have different types of damage: slashing for axes and swords, piercing for knife and spear (perfect for armored opponents) and crushing for hammers. Different types of damage are also useful for obtaining different resources. You can get up to 4 resources depending on what weapon you use. For example, to get fungal shards to craft a weapon, you’ll need to cut xenofungus with an axe. But if you crush it, you’ll get fungal flakes instead and light a fire with them.

There are also three basic resources with which to make weapons: Stone, Bractus, or Xenofungus. These materials are easily found and don’t require a great deal of time or complex workbenches to make. This is great because the world is terribly dangerous. Stone weapons are the most basic, then up to Xenofungus, and finally Bractus. Technocrats, which are a faction focused on complex tools and implants, can also use a long-range weapon called the Spines Thrower. This is gone into greater detail in the blog post, which is found below.

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