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Population Zero Details Wildlife in New Dev Blog

Population Zero Creatures Blog

Enplex Games released a new dev blog today concerning their upcoming Population Zero, detailing the various creatures one might see on Kepler. The full blog can be found below, as well. As this is an alien world, there a wide variety of creatures players have never seen before, from the bloodthirsty predators, stone giants, and small creatures that can be allies or hostile aggressors. These are not all of the creatures, but just a sample of what might be seen early on.

  • Kvars: Kvars are six-legged creatures with powerful claws and sharp jaws and hunt in packs. Each pack has a leader, and thanks to the harsh environment, have excellent instincts and sharp minds. Kvars are the kings of the Savanah.
  • Yutts: Highly intelligent, it’s said that Yutts are some of the oldest creatures on Kepler. They eat plants, and the toxic water of Keplar is harmless to them.
  • Merids: Merids can be found on the surface and undergrounds. They have incredible claws and a sturdy shell that lets them hunt silently. They are, however, not altogether clever. If it’s hungry, they aren’t particularly picky about what they eat either.
  • Sahrim: The Sahrim is a massive stone giant. They create their own armor using the environment around them and uses tentacles to gather stones, sand, plants, whatever it needs. It protects the Kso, and the Kso in turn, produce food for the Sahrim.
  • Kso: The Kso is a lovely but humble creature. It’s colorful “sail” makes it easy to recognize. While they might look exotic and interesting, they have a toxic gas to utilize if threatened. Its long legs let it move quickly, and they are a pretty challenging hunt.
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