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Pocket Legends Adventures Launches Globally

Pocket Legends Adventures, a mobile title with real-time combat, a unique skill-based advancement, character customization and vast single player campaigns, is now live globally on both iOS and Android. Social gameplay is at the forefront of Pocket Legends Adventures, with the game also serving as a 24/7 chat room populated by some of the most whimsical 3D avatars on Mobile. Players hang out while they collaborate or compete with each other on the leaderboards, play in pick-up-groups or parties, and ultimately cooperate in explosive end-game raid content. The advancement system is open, allowing for total freedom, and a host of pets, ranged, melee and healing are also in-game to collect. Whether you want exotic melee weapons, or powerful arcane magic, both are viable options and the campaign is filled to the brim with tricks, traps and powerful enemies to battle. 

“Pocket Legends Adventures lets players experience deep RPG mechanics without the hard-core grind.” said Gary Gattis, CEO.  “This casual take on old school MMOs is perfectly suited for today’s pick-up-and-play lifestyle.”

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    Still scared due to the rampant pay2win