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Planets³ – New voxel-based RPG on Kickstarter

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The independent studio ‘Cubical Drift’ has just released details on their new Kickstarter project: Planets³, a new voxel-based RPG. This RPG invites players to shape their own spatial adventure and to visit multiple planets, all composed of nearly 30,000 billions of blocks.

To date, 10% of the game has already been developed including some elements of game design, graphic identity and the long distance display engine.

The contributions that will be given through the KickStarter campaign – whose goal is set at $250,000 – will allow the studio to tackle the remaining 90%, with an important part allocated to R&D and animation.

The game could well be launched on PC in the fall of 2015, with the first part of this adventure: Planets³: Race to Space.

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