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Piraya Mobile Takes Flight With Aircraft Empire

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Piraya Mobile, a leading publisher of free-to-play mobile games, announced today that it has launched Aircraft Empire, the newest and most addictive free airport manager game to hit iTunes this year! Aircraft Empire is free-to-play and is available for both iPhone and iPad at

Build your very own fleet of hundreds of aircraft and send them off into the sky! Build, manage and expand your airport while unlocking exciting challenges, upgrading your aircraft and researching the latest technology. Work together with friends and other players and visit airports in and claim rewards from every corner of the globe.

“We are really excited to bring Aircraft Empire to millions of players around the world,” said Piraya Mobile VP of Products, Yang Lin. “We are sure that players will love running their own airport and working together with friends to build their own airline. We think they’ll also get a real surprise when they see some of the interesting features we have in store when they progress a little further into the game.”

How can you become the best airport manager in the world? Jump into Aircraft Empire, build your airport and create your own airline. Players can collect over 200+ planes and customize the look of their planes and landing areas to increase profits. As airport manager you can fly your passengers to friends’ airports, control the air traffic and collect profits.

In addition to the action in the air, players can also impact what goes on on land. Players can develop a city around their airport, building cafés, restaurants and hotels that will boost the passenger flow and airport profits.

Players can research all-new planes, complete missions and collect incredible rewards and those players looking for an extra challenge can prepare weapons, but they will have to watch out, they’ll need to expand their military aircraft and engage in epic battles!

Build the best Aircraft Empire in the world and become a master of the skies! Aircraft Empire is free and available now in the App Store.

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