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Pirates to invade Conquer Online

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Conquer Online has announced its next major expansion – “Invasion of Pirates.”

Scheduled to launch in January 2012, the update will introduce pirate-themed content to the MMORPG. The game will earn the new Pirate class, complete with its own set of unique weapons (guns and pistols) and skills. Also coming in the update will be a new map, complete with new quests, new monsters, and of course, new loot.

Conquer Online is published by TQ Digital, which also publishes Eudemons Online and Crazy Tao.

Conquer Online: Pirates Concept Art


Conquer Online’s “Invasion of Pirates” Expansion Introduces New Class, New Skills, a New Map, and Much More!

HONG KONG – December 1, 2011

NetDragon WebSoft Inc. announces a new expansion for its popular free to play MMORPG, Conquer Online. Coming soon in January 2012, “Invasion of Pirates” will introduce a brand new map, new monsters, new quests and most importantly, the new Pirate class, which offers an entirely new play style with an all-new set of weapons and powerful pirate skills.

A piece of mysterious land has been recently discovered by Conquer’s adventurers, with countless treasures long buried by the ancestors deep down in the dark sea. Bands of pirates have moored their ships at the shore, threatening to disturb the peace and take what they claim is theirs. They have said that they are here for the ancient treasure, guarded by monsters only spoken of in myths and tales that children fear. The land has been thrown into panic. No one knows where these pirates have come from, or where they learned of this hidden treasure, but they seem to have a deep connection with the land, especially with the strange monks from the mountains. There must be a darker secret hidden beneath all this…

Said to be the most devastating force that’s ever appeared on the shores of Conquer, pirates are strong enough to destroy whatever stands in the way of making their fortune. Guns and pistols are their tools, looting and pillaging is their nature! Although they can easily take down the enemies from a distance without being hurt, they are not indestructible. Will the holy powers be able stop this evil force’s invasion?

The time is coming for you to choose your side. Will you fight for treasure or will you defend against aggression? The time to make your decision is now!

Prepare yourself for the arrival of this scourge from the high seas!

Expect more details soon about the “Invasion of Pirates” expansion for Conquer Online.

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