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Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Summer Update Released

Pirates of the Caribbean - Tides of War - New Year Update - Image

A huge update comes for Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War from Joycity right in time for the summer. Part of it is the new Star Rating feature, which rates how a player battled against monsters and merchant ships after each battle. This is based on damage sustained, and if a player receives a 3-star rating, a special “perfect kill” reward will be given. In this update, attributes up to level 11 and higher monsters/merchant ships are also added. Players will be able to tackle threats above their own level and raise their chances by taking advantage of the new attributes. Buildings also received an expansion, with a total of eight buildings receiving S-level 1 expansions (The Field, Lumber Mill, Silver Mine, Storehouse, and Market). Three buildings also receive S-level 2 expansions (The Tavern, Healer’s Hut, and Depot0. When the Market reaches S-level 1, new Uncommon Goods will be unlocked.

Players have been asking for a server transfer and the long-requested feature finally arrives. The new transfer option is available to players with Fortress level 7- 15. All eligible Captains are able to move to a server that has been open for 30 days or more. The transfer will only be available if the target server has an existing higher level player. Also, if a player wants to move out of a merged server, only another merged server can be selected as a destination. Finally, there are two new alliance skills, the first being “Ultimate Fleet” and the second being “Mind Control”.  A quality-of-life adjustment also came in the form of Stamina, which the amount used on hunting monsters, trading, collecting and territory sieges will be significantly reduced.

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