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Phantom of the Kill kicks off “Phantom of the School” Event

Phantom of the Kill - Phantom of the School Event - Main Image

Right on time for the first anniversary of Phantom of the Kill, 121 countries will get to experience the “Phantom of the School” event, which features an alternate story themed around School Life.  It’s set in an alterate world, an academic city comprised of three girls’ schools attended by Killer Princesses that should be very familiar. It promises to feel like an authentic school experience, with cultural and sports festivals, as well as other activities! But what mysteries and secrets lie in wait? The first chapter, “The School Semester Begins!” is now available. You’ll become good friends with Yagrush and Gridarvol during your time here. More chapters will be rolled out in the future, but with this unique take on the Phantom universe, it should not be missed!

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